Solstice Expands Into the Georgia Dental Market

May 24, 2019 - PLANTATION, Fla., May 24, 2019

Dental and Vision insurer Solstice Benefits announces its expansion into the Georgia market, offering competitive, comprehensive dental and vision plans to employer groups and individuals in the state.

As a leading dental and vision insurance provider with over 700,000 members around the country, Solstice’s expansion will add quality and affordable plans to individuals and employer groups in the Georgia market.

National Association of Dental Plans (NADP) statistics show 10% fewer people in the state of Georgia have dental benefits compared to the national trend. With a dental plan, consumers enjoy affordable access to cleanings and other preventive care that contributes to good oral health.

Many health problems or diseases can start in or be exacerbated by ailments in the mouth. For example, people with gum disease have a 67% higher risk for heart disease, 22% higher risk for diabetes and a new study has also linked the disease as a cause for Alzheimer’s.

Tooth decay is nearly 100%preventable with routine care. Solstice strives to make its dental plans easily accessible by offering enrollment for individual consumers at any time during the year. Plans start at $8.50 a month.

When it comes to groups, dental benefits are a top priority for job seekers and are therefore a boost to employee recruitment. Solstice offers group dental and vision PPO.

“We’re excited to bring our products and services to Georgia and to work with the many employer groups and individual consumers to provide exceptional dental and vision benefits.” said Brian Correia, Solstice’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

About Solstice

Solstice provides dental and vision insurance coverage to more than 700,000 members nationally and has built the current No. 1 largest Open Access DHMO provider network in Florida and New York. Solstice created an award-winning benefits administration platform — the Solstice Marketplace. In 2018, Solstice was ranked the No. 54 insurance company on Inc. magazine’s 5,000 fastest-growing private companies list.

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